Be a Peace Maker

I love the Sermon on the Mount in the book of Matthew, and over the last couple of weeks I have given a lot of thought to what Jesus said in chapter 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God.”  Now there are a lot of “blessed” verses in the discourse but only the peace makers will be called “sons of God.”

This causes me to wonder what exactly a peace maker is.  First, the term “blessed” does not mean happy; it means favored and approved of by God, and that is important to keep in mind when we discuss peace makers.  The word son in this verse is a very interesting word in the Greek because it doesn’t refer to just being a believer; it gives evidence of the dignity of one’s relationship and likeness to God’s Character.

Every time I’m dealing with a passage of Scripture trying to internalize it and wrap my mind around it God allows me to have one of those “ah now I get it” moments, and this time was no different.  My teachable moment came one day last week.  When I woke up under the wrong side of the bed just looking for any excuse to pick a fight; unfortunately it did not take long to find a victim and reason to unleash on. The victim was Michelle. The heinous offence, she violated my number one pet peeve; she squeezed the tooth paste tube from the middle instead of rolling it up from the bottom. 

Without any hesitation and with the evidence of her crime in hand, I stormed into the kitchen to give her a piece of my mind (a small piece, I don’t have much to spare). For the next twenty minutes I explained how despicable and insensitive her actions were, and that everything from global warming to our current oil crisis could be solved if people would just stop squeezing toothpaste tubes from the middle.  At the end of my tirade, she looked me square in the eyes and peacefully responded with “ok.”  That was it ok; no yelling back, no remorse, not even a promise to change; just ok.  Baffled by her demeanor and response I headed off to the office.

The next morning I headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth (anticipating round 2) when I was awe struck by one of the most magnificent sights I have ever laid eyes on.  Sitting on the sink was the toothpaste with one of those gadgets with a turn key to roll the tube from the bottom. In that moment of elation, as I choked back tears listening to the angels sing I was convicted and humbled by the actions of my wife.  I was convicted of my inexcusable attitude and behavior toward my wife; and I was humbled by the way she graciously handled the situation. 

The mature way she handled the situation demonstrated her Christ like character. Instead of retaliation or retreating she chose to act in a selfless manner and bring a resolution to the situation.

Be a Peace Maker,